12oz Double Walled Insulated Tumbler

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Have you ever wanted something to keep your hot drinks hot šŸ”„ on a cold day or your cold drinks cold šŸ§Š on a hot day?Ā 
Then look no further as these superbly finished Double Walled Tumblers are just what you are looking for! šŸ‘€Ā 
PLUS they can be personalised with your name or a saying šŸŽ‰
16 gorgeous colours to choose from! šŸ„°

Keeps Hot drinks HOT šŸ”„ for upto 6 hours
Keeps Cold drinks COLD šŸ§Š for upto 12 hours
304 stainless steel inner wall smooth microwave copper plating, increase the time of insulation, effectively prevents bacterial growth
Leakage-proof sealing plug for cup cover
The use of high temperature sealing rubber plug can lock the water intake very well, making the tea not easy to spill.

Silica Gel Antiskid Bottom Concave and convex design to increase friction.Ā 


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