Mystery Candle Box

Mystery Candle Box

Beautiful Stylez


Let us help take the guess work out of choosing the next scent to try ❓

Take a trip on the wild side! You never know, you may just find your next favourite scent 🌬

Each Mystery Box contains DOUBLE the value! Buy a $20 Mystery Box and get $40 value 🥳

Our Mystery Boxes could contain any of our 68 fragrances! 6️⃣8️⃣

 The Candles can be in ANY of the Jars we use in our Candle Ranges ⚠️

The Mystery Candle Box MAY containa Massage Candle. But is nit guaranteed in EVERY Box 🕯


You simply choose how much of a Mystery you would like and let us work our magic 🤩


As this is a Mystery Box❓

The only time fragrances will be "swapped" is for allergies ⛔

Please leave any allergies in the notes section and/or message the Beautiful Stylez Facebook Page and let us know there 💌

Mystery Boxes will not be revealed live. These will be packaged for you to reveal ♥️