Sweet Treatz

Sweet Treatz

Beautiful Stylez


Want something sweet and special as a Treat?

How about a delightful Macaroon to sate that hunger? Or maybe different delectable Treatz?

Would a Stunning Sterling Silver Ring with a Semi-Precious Gemstone also help ease the ravenous feeling? 

Why not splurge a little and get yourself 1 or more Sweet Treatz? 

How Sweet Treatz works;

1. You place your order for 1 of more Sweet Treatz.

2. Join Damo & Emma on the Beautiful Stylez Facebook Page on their next Live.

3. Upon your order being shown, Damo or Emma will select 2 Macaroons/Cupcakes/Ice-Creams, etc from the container, Both Sterling Sliver Rings will be shown.

4. You pick which Ring would would like from the 2 Rings shown (2 shown per order of 1 Sweet Treatz).

5. The chosen Ring is then added to your order, whilst the other Ring is readded to the container and remaining Macaroons/Cupcakes/Ice-Creams mixed. 

You will receive the chosen ring and the Macaroon/Cupcake/Ice-cream it is in 💍